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CLC Consulting Group Limited is a land and property development consultancy and have been providing professional land surveying, civil, environmental and structural engineering and resource management services for the past 50 years. Our clients range from small privately funded developments to large multifaceted projects for major clients such as Auckland Council. Within the last 10 years we have managed no less than 100 individual projects with a total value of $40 million for Auckland Council.

We are a medium sized multi-disciplinary land and property development consultancy offering civil engineering, structural engineering, and land surveying services. Our office is located in Sylvia Park, Auckland. We have been based in the Eastern and Southern suburbs of Auckland since 1970.

Our core competency is in the management of land development projects, green-fields and brown-fields developments; these are typically residential and commercial and also Local Authority Infrastructure Renewal and Augmentation Projects (Road, Stormwater and Wastewater Drainage and Water Supply). More recent experience has allowed us, as a property development consultancy, to provide specialist professional services for Local Authority Open Space Projects (sports fields, car parks and access ways, earthworks and stormwater).

The diversity of our staff’s experience means that any project we undertake is normally handled in-house. Where work outside our field of expertise is needed we work closely with other professionals to provide the necessary expert advice.

Our clients are therefore fully informed at the start of their project on how the different aspects of the project will interact. The client can then make informed choices on how to proceed, knowing the likely consequences of any decision that has made. Communication at all stages and at all times of critical decision making is key to maintaining good client relationship.

It is important to us that the client is informed of the procedure required to complete their project, allowing both parties to proceed in confidence. To this end we generally give a written description of the steps and work involved in a project at its start. Any changes are explained as it proceeds.

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