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Structural Engineering

The structural team at CLC Consulting Group has been providing high quality,
cost-effective design solutions to New Zealand for over 40 years.

Highly skilled, experienced engineers comprise our structural design team working on projects ranging from small residential structures to design of large multi-storey buildings.

We have extensive local and regional experience and recognise the importance of robust technical design without sacrificing aesthetics. Our solutions are tailored to meet each and specific client’s needs, while at the same time maintaining compassion to the environment and governing regulations.

Our Experience and Expertise

Our staff's experience and background is diverse, providing us with the ability to service a wide range of clients, including housing companies, territorial authorities, architects, insurance companies and large and successful property developers for example Fletcher Living and Jalcon Homes.

CLC’s structural design team has successfully completed designs for:

  • Building Design - Residential, Commercial and Industrial
  • Low, Medium and High-Rise Buildings
  • Steel, Reinforced Concrete, Masonry, Timber, Aluminium
  • Building - Inspections, Supervision of Construction
  • Producer Statements PS1 & PS4 (high risk registered)
  • Raft and Waffle Slab Foundations
  • Foundations for Liquid Storage Tanks & Swimming Pools
  • Farm and Horticultural Buildings
  • Conservatory Buildings
  • Bracing Solutions
  • Landscape Features (rockwalls, foundations, statues)
  • Retaining Walls – Permanent and Temporary Works/ Palisade Walls/ Ground Anchors
  • Sports Complex Design/ Geodesic Domes/ Structure-flex Covers
  • Driveway Platforms and Viaducts
  • Bridges - Domestic, Rural
  • Lighting Tower foundation design

Who To Contact

Dmitri Mouravlev

Structural Engineering Manager

T: +64 9 576 9144.  

Structural Engineering Projects

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